Church Planting

Do you ever consider the reality that you are a beneficiary of church planting? Somebody started the church you attend. Somebody had a vision, gave, sacrificed and obeyed to reach a new group of people!

If you want to see lost people come to know Jesus, invest in church planting! And if you want to see courageous and visionary leaders released to entrepreneurial missions activity, invest in church planting! Research continues to prove that church planting is one of the most effective means of evangelism. Ed Stetzer writes, “Among evangelical churches, those under three years old will win ten people to Christ per year for every hundred church members; those three to fifteen years old will win five people per year. After age 15, the number drops to three per year.”*

Because of those facts, the Southeast Region Planting Network exists to promote the value of church planting and to identify, recruit, train and support called and gifted leaders who will plant healthy and reproducing churches. A natural result of the apostles’ obedience to the Great Commission was new churches everywhere. That will be our result too. You can be a part by donating to your region’s MVP vision.

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