Mission Venture Plan FAQs

What is different about MVP?

There are three major differences between the former World Evangelism (WE) and Mission Venture Plan (MVP).

1. MVP encourages designated giving. WE was built on programmed giving with designated options. When an individual gave, someone else decided where that individual’s contribution was applied. MVP takes the opposite approach. It is based on designated giving with programmed options. In other words, you decide where you want your contributions to go. The bottom line: MVP contributors can now follow their own hearts when they give.

2. Individuals can now give directly to MVP. Open Bible pastors report on any given Sunday approximately 30-50 percent of congregants are absent from the church service and, thus, miss an opportunity to give. So we cannot confine giving opportunities to just the offering plate. When congregants from your church give directly to MVP online, they can link their contributions to your church so the church is credited with personal MVP gifts.

3. MVP offers easy online access and giving. The Internet is where much of our nation, culture, communication, and commerce live today. Increasingly, people transact business (and make contributions) using plastic, not checks or money. We have recognized and are adapting to this reality. Churches can also give to MVP online using a church credit card – the number of churches doing so is growing.

Why change?

We live in a rapidly changing world with a growing population. The need to reach people for Christ globally and in the United States, to disciple and develop leaders, and plant churches has never been greater. The time to do so before Christ’s return is shorter! However, our American culture has changed. People today want to give to people instead of just to programs. They want freedom to give as they desire and to do so easily. MVP connects you with faces – real people instead of just programs – and is convenient.

How do I decide what ministries to support with my MVP gifts?

There are three ways for you to give to the Mission Venture Plan:
1. Personal MVP Vision: MVP is built on “free market” contributions, giving where your heart is drawn. Prayerfully explore the MVP website and see where you can participate. You have complete freedom to choose. After prayer and looking over each of the ministries, you can select and support those ministries that align with your passion. You can give to MVP at www.missionventureplan.com or send your contributions by regular mail:
Open Bible Churches
2020 Bell Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50315

2. Church MVP Vision: Open Bible churches can choose to select certain MVP ministry ventures as current extensions of the church’s own vision. They customize MVP with the ministry ventures they want to support. When a church identifies its own MVP vision the pastor makes sure the people know and embrace the vision and are informed about the MVP ministry ventures. The pastor then provides opportunity and direction for congregants to give in offerings for MVP and also encourages individuals to visit the MVP website and additionally give according to their personal passions.

3. Region MVP Vision: Your region has identified specific MVP ministry ventures as priorities for support because they link with the region’s current MVP vision. If you desire, you can select to support your region’s MVP vision.
Donors can also make general contributions to MVP and allow Open Bible leadership to apply gifts where they are needed most. MVP contributions without designation or link to a regional MVP vision will be considered general MVP contributions.

How will I learn about what MVP is doing?

In addition to printed publications like the Message of the Open Bible, news and stories about MVP ministries will be distributed via video and the Internet. You can follow updates on our Facebook Page and our Twitter account.

What if I want to support a ministry that is not part of MVP?

If you want to support a non-Open Bible ministry you are welcome to send your contribution directly to that ministry. Open Bible only receives and issues receipts for MVP contributions to ministries under our 501(c)3 covering.

Will MVP ministries change or will they always be the same?

Some MVP commitments are so important they do not frequently change. For example, our Global Leadership Fund, formerly the International Ministries portion of WE, is so foundational to everything we do internationally that it needs significant, ongoing support. Other ministry ventures may vary more frequently. For example, missionaries will always be part of MVP, however, personnel can change over time. And, while leadership development will remain among our missional priorities, how we go about that will periodically adapt and change. New MVP ministry ventures will be added and some will be discontinued along the way.

I send in our church’s MVP contributions. I already know what ministries our church wants to support. What is the easiest way to accomplish that?

Either go online to www.missionventureplan.com, select ministries identified in your church’s MVP vision, and give with a church credit card (handy and growing in popularity) or send a check with the MVP form/envelope marked with your designations.

What is the Global Leadership Fund?

The Global Leadership Fund is MVP’s equivalent for what used to be the 50 percent International Ministries portion of WE. The Global Leadership Fund is what makes it possible for Open Bible to lead, oversee, and coordinate all our international ministries. We cannot send missionaries around the world or coordinate with Open Bible ministries in other countries that look to us without the Global Leadership Fund. To attempt to do so would be like a church functioning without a pastor. The Global Leadership Fund has extremely important and strategic value.

What is an endowment?

An endowment is a fund established with the intention that contributions to the fund are never spent. Rather, only dividends, interest, or capital gains from investing those contributions are used to fund a specific ministry venture. For example, the Open Bible Church Planting Endowment underwrites grants to affiliated Open Bible church plants from monies earned from that endowment fund’s invested returns.

Will my contributions be applied as I designate them?

Open Bible is committed to accommodate every donor’s request. However, there can be limited exceptions when that cannot be accomplished. For example, a missionary could raise funds through MVP but then not go to or return early from the mission field. In such cases Open Bible retains the right to redirect contributions to an MVP ministry venture as close in purpose and operation to the original intent of the donor as possible.

Are any fees taken from my MVP contributions?

90 percent of every MVP contribution is distributed to the donor’s chosen ministry venture. Open Bible retains a 10 percent administrative/communication fee, which helps with costs to administer MVP, maintain the MVP website, and prepare and distribute promotional materials such as videos and brochures. The 10 percent fee on International-oriented MVP contributions is directed to meet international administrative expenses. An administrative/communication fee was also applied to World Evangelism contributions.

What about people who are happy with WE and find change confusing? Do they have to change?

We understand there will be people for whom WE is familiar and close to their hearts after all its years of existence. They can continue to give to the former WE through checks or cash to their churches. Contributions labeled for WE will simply be applied as general MVP gifts.