INSTE- Hungary Projects

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Mission Description

Scholarships- God is doing a tremendous work among the Roma (Gypsy) people in Hungary. Many are giving their lives to the Lord and new churches are starting. As a result of this, most of the students that are taking INSTE are from the gypsy churches. The majority of these people are not able to find decent jobs and struggle even to provide the basic needs for their families. Therefore, it is also difficult for them to be able to pay the course fees to study INSTE. Just $30 will help one student for one semester. The need is not limited to the gypsy people, but that is where the majority of scholarships go.

Translation- There is a great need for pastors and church leaders throughout Hungary. We know of several churches without pastors, as well as villages where there are Christians but no churches because no one is able to lead them. And most of those who are called to be pastors are not able to go away to a Bible college to study. INSTE is helping to fulfill this need. The four books of Level One have already been translated into Hungarian and several groups have graduated with most of these students serving in various areas of ministry in the church. However, Level Two is needed to help further train and develop pastors and leaders for these churches. The first four books of Level Two have been translated and we hope to begin pilot groups soon. There are 24 books in Level Two INSTE and it costs about $1,500 per book to translate. We thank God for providing the funds needed thus far, but we do need continued support in order to finish the work that has begun. Thank you for partnering us to train the next generation of pastors and church leaders in Hungary.

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