Pacific Region MVP Vision


Building Leaders who Build the Future

  • Support Open Bible’s efforts in 45 nations.
  • Plant our next ten churches.
  • Send our best students to New Hope Christian College and provide scholarships.
  • Launch INSTE into the world’s largest language group in Taiwan and China.

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    Global Leadership Fund

    Global Leadership

    For over 80 years, Open Bible has been sending missionaries to go and make disciples of all nations — this passion is at the very core of our mission. Throughout the world, Open Bible is starting and building churches. We are reaching out to those in the 10/40 window and the Muslim world in countries like Senegal and Guinea, West Africa. Open Bible is making disciples and training leaders through the INSTE program. We are providing opportunities for short-term missions outreaches; medical help in Papua New Guinea, Liberia, and an undisclosed country; food for the destitute in Cuba, Uganda, and India; rehabs for alcoholics and drug addicts; and ministering to the poor, orphans, and widows in many nations around the world.

    Pacific Region supports Open Bible’s Global Leadership Fund to assist hundreds of ministries in 46 countries that are reaching the lost, multiplying churches, training leaders and pastors, making disciples, and helping the poor. This is our strategic obedience to Christ’s command to go to “the uttermost parts of the earth.”

    Church Planting

    Pacific Church Planting Network: 10 for 10

    Jesus has changed Duane and Jeanette’s life since they started attending one of our brand new churches soon after it opened;

    Our daughter won a soccer ball at a drawing after her tournament…it was given by this new church that was just getting ready to start and would be meeting in her elementary school. When we came to the church at one of their “preview services” our kids loved it so much we had no choice… we were in!

    Would you and your family consider giving $10 per month to help us plant our next ten churches? We have been on a ten-year full-court press to start one hundred new churches in the Pacific. So far we have 54 churches up and going, but we need your help in starting the next 10 churches. Our target locations are: Spokane, Seattle, Eugene, San Francisco, East Bay area, San Jose, San Diego, Torrance, Las Vegas, and Hilo (Hawaii). Each dollar you give will be “power-matched” by other donors and by the Pacific Church Planting Network. Our planters go through top-quality assessment, training, and ongoing coaching. Funds are disbursed as their planting team achieves specific benchmarks.

    “We believe in church planting,” says Jeanette “three of our kids were baptized last fall, my sister’s family, and our parents are all coming to our church now too!” Duane added, “New churches tend to be more community focused.” He now wants to “pay it forward.” It’s completely doable! Ten dollars a month…ten new churches!

    Pacific Region is part of the OBC Church Planting Network.

    Inste Bible College
    What makes INSTE unique? First of all, it is both portable and affordable.

    No matter the size of the church, INSTE is a fit. All that is needed to get started is a mature, dedicated leader called to make disciples, whom INSTE trains through a short leader-training program right where he or she is. INSTE supplies the materials – books and tests included – a support system for the group leader, and records and recognition for the courses studied.

    INSTE is affordable. A person can study all five years in INSTE for less than it would cost for one semester at a traditional Bible college. Furthermore, INSTE comes to the local church, so Bible college training is available to all.

    Secondly, INSTE’s methodology sets it apart. Most formal educational systems today are based on the Greek didactic model revolving around a lecture. INSTE’s model is based on relationships, a Hebrew model that incorporates learning into the life rhythm of the church and learner.

    Third, INSTE is not just church-housed, it is church-based. Our mission statement is clear:

    INSTE exists to help the local church make disciples and develop leaders for the fulfillment of the church’s mission.

    INSTE is a mission facilitator. Every church has its own unique calling to fulfill. INSTE is the catalyst that stimulates the growth of mature disciples and Bible-centered leaders who help the local church fulfill its unique mission. No two INSTE groups are alike, because the gifting and calling of the individuals in those groups are at the direction of the Holy Spirit.

    It is also important to note that INSTE does not prepare leaders for the church; it prepares the leaders of the church. The preposition is important. God makes leaders by gifting them. The leaders are already there; INSTE equips the called.


    INSTE to TAIWAN AND CHINA: 20 for a billion plus!

    This might be the biggest thing we have ever done! Through a series of miraculous events and a lot of hard work, the First Level of INSTE Global has been fully translated into Mandarin Chinese and is ready to be printed and deployed. One out of every 5.5 people live in China and Taiwan. Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, with more than 1.2 billion speakers. It is the third most spoken language in the United States (only behind English and Spanish). More than one hundred million believers in China are being led by pastors who desperately need solid discipleship tools that can work effectively, even with the challenges of communism. INSTE is a gift God birthed in Open Bible to bless the world.

    Please pray for and thank God for:

  • Nick and Leona Venditti: Directors of Inste Bible College, INSTE Global.
  • Don Bryan: Key player in all things ethnic.
  • Pacific Region Pastors Ricky and Irene Poon: Assistant INSTE Dean of Chinese Ministries.
  • Pacific Region Pastors David and Christina Yua: our emissaries to Taiwan and China
  • Funding for printing and deployment
  • Jesus and the boy with the five loaves and two fish taught us that our “little” given to Jesus can be multiplied beyond anything we could imagine. Your gift of $20 a month will help us go further, faster, and deeper than we have ever gone before.

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