Bubinga Orphanage

Ron Wilson’s Project Fund

Amount ($)

Mission Description

We are privileged to raise funds to help with basic needs of orphanages, pastors, and churches in several countries. For example, after a church and an orphanage is built in India, we help them by digging a freshwater well, which will also benefit their community, and we help them be more self-sufficient by providing a cow and a calf. Orphanages in Uganda benefit by receiving a well, or a pair of goats or two pairs of chickens.

Here are some of the projects we do:

Church buildings:

India $9,000
Cuba $5,000

Children’s Home:
India $9,000
Uganda $10,000

Other projects:
Freshwater well $1,000
Cow and Calf $750
Goats (1 pair) $100
Chickens (2 pair) $20
Motor scooters for pastors $750

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