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LOVE God, self and others
LIVE with passionate purpose
LEAD as Women of Influence!

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When you invest in the Women’s Network of Open Bible Churches, you invest in leadership coaching to the Women’s Network team, communication tools such as the Love, Live, Lead E-Newsletter, and participation of the director in regional events. By investing in this network of women, you motivate, inspire, and challenge women all over this country to love, live, and to lead as women of influence!

You also give assistance to executing influential women’s events and projects lead by women who desire a better future for those less fortunate. These women believe in the mission statement of Open Bible Churches and desire to train up a new generation of praying women, loving wives, and wise mothers. It’s said that women influence 70% of the decision-making in a family. So when you invest in the Women’s Network of OBC, you also invest in better husbands, fathers, sons and daughters- you are quite literally investing in our future!

Want to invest in the Women’s Network of OBC long-term? You can also invest in the Women’s Ministries Hall of Fame Endowment Fund.

Also Part of Women’s Network: Missionarie Care Fund (formerly Alabaster Fund)

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Email: kris@obcse.com
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