MVP Night of Rock

Dig a well! • Free a slave! • Help the destitute!

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Mission Description

Who we are
MVP2MVP is an outreach platform designed to inspire young people
and communities to reach out and save lives. This is accomplished
through concerts and events that promote awareness of different
needs locally and around the globe. Over the last couple of years there
have been many hardships due to natural disasters and things that are
beyond our control. Because of this, Gateway Church Network felt
impressed to move and to take action.

The concept of bringing a concert and a cause together has been
stirring in the hearts of Gateway Church Network members for quite
awhile. It was earlier this year, with the unveiling of Open Bible’s
Mission Venture Plan, that Gateway Church Network created a
partnership of the two efforts.

Gateway Church Network’s Mission Venture Plan

MVP2MVP’s vision is to promote concerts for safe, exciting, rocking
entertainment while promoting a worthy cause. We believe everyone
can be an MVP (Most Valuable Player) in the life of someone else.
There are three basic areas on which MVP2MVP will focus. DIG A WELL!
Digging wells for those in the world who have no source of clean water.
FREE A SLAVE! Supporting efforts to eradicate sex slavery and slave
labor. HELP THE DESTITUTE! Joining with the most effective groups in
feeding the hungry, providing medical supplies, shelter, and clothing.
You can’t help everyone, but you can be the Most Valuable Player in
someone’s life. Jesus was the most valuable player to all mankind. He
gave His life so that we could have eternal life. What a trade for us.
The average American is wealthier than 90 percent of the world. I am
thankful that we are blessed! But I am also motivated to bless
someone else. I invite you to join the March of the MVP and change
someone’s life by giving just a little bit of yours for them.

Be an MVP!
Dig a well! • Free a slave! • Help the destitute!

Open Bible’s Mission Venture Plan
Give to whom you want, where you want, when you want! A free-
market system empowering people to make a difference for Christ.
Open Bible Churches has missionaries and churches all over the globe,
new churches being planted every year, and colleges that will build
leaders for tomorrow’s ministry ventures. In just a few minutes you can
partner with a movement larger than yourself, while building the

Pastor’s Bio
Derek Sissel is Senior Pastor of Gateway Church in Colorado Springs,
CO as well as Lead Pastor of Gateway Church Black Forest Campus. He
has two great passions: to see people become genuine followers of
Jesus Christ,and to raise up a new generation of church planters. Derek
was a youth pastor himself for many years. It is no secret that he has a
special love for young people and an ability to draw them into a
committed relationship with Jesus. He is still considered a pastor to
youth. Most of the leaders at the Black Forest Campus are young adults
that came up through Derek’s youth church.
Derek has an amazing wife, Angie. She is in love with Jesus just a little
more than him. He also has three wonderful (you guessed it)
teenagers, Danielle, Vanessa and Wade.

Ticketing Process
Tickets are on sale now! You can purchase your tickets directly on this
site by selecting the number of tickets you would like to purchase in
the ticketbud widget below. Tickets are available for two different
sections. The premiere section, which allows you to be right up front
and close, and a general admission section. Tickets are also available

The venue for this event will be at the newly renovated Colorado
Springs Event Center which is conveniently located at the corner of
Palmer Park Boulevard and Academy in the heart of Colorado Springs,
CO. The new facility boasts over 50,000 square feet, including 45,000
square feet of exhibit space on the main level and 5,500 square feet on
the second level, plus 2,000 spaces of free parking!

Disciple Bio
Too many bands fall prey to the age-old conundrum where, if they
sound great live, their albums fall short—and if they can craft a great
studio recording, they lack the goods to pull it off live. That’s what
makes the new Disciple release, “O God, Save Us All,” such an
achievement: It’s a tight, terrific collection of hard-hitting rock songs
with a redemptive heart. But from the very start, lead vocalist Kevin
Young and his comrades (Israel Beachy on bass, Micah Sannan on
guitar and Trent Reiff on drums) sought to craft a disc that would leap
off the live concert stage with all the impact of a perfectly timed stage

Thousand Foot Krutch Bio
Sometimes the best way to move forward is to go back to the basics,
taking all of the raw energy and emotion of the past and channeling it
into the present, coupled with all of the progression and knowledge
obtained in the intermediary years. And that’s exactly what Thousand
Foot Krutch is doing on the aptly titled The End Is Where We Begin,
which doesn’t just showcase the group’s thunderous musical pursuits
coming full circle with its most cutting edge album to date, but also
finds Canada’s favorite modern rockers voluntarily walking away from
record label life altogether (even after a slew of profitable offers came
along) to reignite the passionate DIY work ethos that first emerged
over a decade ago.