Southeast Region MVP Vision


To Build Healthy Leaders
Who Build Healthy Ministries

  • To increase the number of healthy churches in the Southeast Region by planting, sponsoring, or adoption
  • To gain a financial base from which to plant churches and aid existing congregations
  • To build a leadership team that embraces the next generation and empowers the region to be a “hotbed” for emerging leaders
  • To network with other organizations as we seek additional “skilled craftsmen” to accomplish the mission of the region
  • To see an increase in the total number of people who find Christ, both nationally and around the world

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    Global Leadership Fund

    Global Leadership

    For over 80 years, Open Bible has been sending missionaries to go and make disciples of all nations — this passion is at the very core of our mission. Throughout the world, Open Bible is starting and building churches. We are reaching out to those in the 10/40 Window and the Muslim world in countries like Senegal and Guinea, West Africa. Open Bible is making disciples and training leaders through the INSTE program. We are providing opportunities for short-term missions outreaches; medical help in Papua New Guinea, Liberia, and an undisclosed country; food for the destitute in Cuba, Uganda, and India; rehabs for alcoholics and drug addicts; and ministry to the poor, orphans, and widows in many nations around the world.

    Southeast Region supports Open Bible’s Global Leadership Fund to assist hundreds of ministries in 46 countries that are reaching the lost, multiplying churches, training leaders and pastors, making disciples, and helping the poor. This is our strategic obedience to Christ’s command to go to “the uttermost parts of the earth.”

    Leadership Development

    Leadership Development

    The Southeast Region desires to help men and women upon whom God has placed a call of leadership. We believe everyone has unique ministry gifts with which to impact his or her surrounding culture, and we want to specifically identify those who are called to lead.

    We want to Identify, Encourage, Equip, and Empower emerging leaders responding to God’s call through a resourceful partnership with INSTE discipleship through the local church, and continuing educational formats in district leadership development forums.

  • The region is committed to providing pastors and leaders within each district the opportunity for resourcing through cohort sessions in which pertinent topics of leadership development are discussed. Relevant ministry resources such as books and videos will be made available to participating pastors.
  • The region’s desire is to build healthy leaders who build healthy ministries. These leaders gain a vision of the possibilities God has in store for those who desire excellence in the stewardship of their gifts and calling.

    Church Planting and Health

    Church Planting and Health

    The Southeast region intends to identify church plant venues in key population centers within the region’s seven states. Our goal is ten new churches in five years – two new churches per year, which we believe is realistic. Many of those new churches will be in states not presently hosting Open Bible congregations. Clusters of new Open Bible churches in metro areas hold promise for an impact on God’s kingdom. Drawing from a pool of church planters identified and developed by the local church and region, we can experience the true potential within our geographic boundaries.

    The key population centers in which we desire to plant churches are: Atlanta, Georgia; Birmingham, Alabama; and Jacksonville and Ocala, Florida. Church leaders in each district will participate in the strategic planting of new churches as the vision for expanding God’s kingdom. Together we will impact the Southeast Region of the United States.

    Church planters will have the opportunity to attend a “Church Planter’s Boot Camp” to gain insight from those who have produced working models of health. An intentional approach to church planting must characterize the strategy with which we respond to the Great Commission.

    Southeast Region is part of the OBC Church Planting Network.

    Speaking of Church Planting, have you seen Lighthouse Church or Hope Chapel yet?

    Regional Ministries

    Regional Ministries

    The Region provides opportunity for everyone to gain enrichment while participating in regional ministries.

  • Women’s Ministry – Regional women enjoy the annual ministry retreat in which they set a goal for missionary assistance, participation in a national project such as the building of a pre-natal clinic in Papua New Guinea, or vision casting to connect with the next generation of young female leaders through the annual “Treasured Girls” conference.
  • Men’s Ministry – The newly remodeled Men’s Ministry offers practical opportunities for involvement in regional help ministries, regional short-term missions trips, and an annual retreat to be rejuvenated and reinvigorated.
  • Youth Ministry – A newly appointed youth council has begun charting a course toward the establishment of a youth database and a communications network wherein youth ministries of the Southeast Region can make a relevant impact on the culture of their generation. Additionally, the youth council plans to retool and rebrand the face of youth ministries within the region.
  • Your investment helps us meet our goals in Global Leadership, Leadership Development, Church Planting and Health and Regional Ministries.

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